Baltimore Needs Free Wi-Fi

Mayor Dixon it is time you bring free Wi-Fi to downtown Baltimore.  Cities around the globe are doing just that.  Baltimoreans are lost without quick access to Bohs and O’s.  How are they supposed to know to avoid the Baltimore Spirit Cruises and where to get the coldest Natty Boh?  They might even go to Sullivan’s!  The horror!

The Greater Baltimore Committee and the City Council are constantly trying to make this city friendlier for businesses.  Free Wi-Fi would be a great step in that direction.  The city would become much more accessible to business travelers.  I am not talking about blanketing the entire city with Wi-Fi, but I don’t think setting it up right in downtown is unreasonable.  Right now there is Wi-Fi available in the Inner Harbor but it costs $10 a day.  That is 5 Natty Bohs!  Who is going to choose the Wi-Fi?  It is time we get this city on the cutting edge.


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