9/22 Should Be Declared a State Holiday

We love Bohs and O's!

We love Bohs and O's!

I’m not sure everyone realized, but yesterday was a brilliant day for Baltimore and the State of Maryland.  Three things happened that were quite splendid and deserve to be celebrated.  Maryland was declared the wealthiest state in the union (covered by Rabbieli below), the Ravens made it atop ESPN’s Power Rankings (covered by Hamsterdam below), and an extended Orioles reference was made on the smash hit, teen drama, 90210.

The wealthiest state award was not too surprising as it is our third year running atop the rankings.  However, it is definitely still nice to hear.  It is a great fact to point out if people start blathering on about how Baltimore is a terrible city.  Sure, we know most of that wealth comes from near D.C., but they don’t have to know that.  It is a good thing we are the richest state because crabs are so darn expensive these days and we need plenty money to buy them.  Most importantly though, this means that we have plenty of money to go out and buy a lot of Natty Boh.  Everyone should go out and buy a case and take it to their rooftop decks to celebrate our prosperity.  Come to think of it though, after three years of being the richest state in the nation, maybe it is time Natty Boh changes its slogan.  This is no longer the land of pleasant living.  We now live in the land of lavish living.

Everyone was quite shocked when the ESPN Power Rankings came out and saw the Ravens at #1.  I am not sure this has ever happened before, even the year we won the Super Bowl.  It was fun to read all of the comments on the Power Rankings where everyone from lesser cities were whining about the Ravens being #1.  I have often bashed ESPN on this blog and I am not going to stop now.  It is much more exciting to me that we have a one game lead in the division and the Steelers don’t look great.  In fact, there is a good chance they could fall to the Bengals this weekend.

The day was capped off by an event even more surprising than the Ravens being #1 in the power rankings.  During an episode of 90210 two characters had a fairly in depth, minute long conversation about the O’s.  Now, for all of you who say that 90210 is lame and made for teenie boppers, you are wrong.  It is a brilliant portrayal of high school life in L.A. woven from the same fabric as the O.C.  Also the girls on the show make Amber Theoharris look like Terrell Suggs.  Dixon (who you may know better as Michael on The Wire) sits down next to a girl watching baseball at a bar and he begins to flirt.  He tells her that he is a Yankees fan.  (Dixon/Michael how dare you betray Baltimore!  Snoop please set him straight.)  The girl who he sits next to, Sasha, says that the Yankees stink.  Dixon then says that she must be a Boston fan.  I am halfway to the bathroom to kiss the toilet when I hear maybe the most refreshing words ever spoken on a TV show.  Sasha tells him, Hell no!  She only lives a mile from Camden Yards!  Is this really happening?  They then go on to have an extended conversation about the Orioles’ farm system and young pitching as well as Adam Jones and Nolan Reimold.  Nolan Reimold!  Can you believe it?  I even liked it when they mentioned the O’s were struggling through their twelfth consecutive losing season.  It was incredible.  Someone who works on 90210 must be from Baltimore.  I would love whoever is responsible to step forward so we can thank you for writing such great TV.  What’s next, Vince and the boys cruising Sunset Boulevard with Bohs in their hands?

As you can see it was a great day for Baltimore.  It was nice to shift the national attention away from our local ACORN chapter.  I call on Governor O’Malley to convene a special legislative session so we can make sure this day will live in infamy.  In 364 days I hope to be walking through Federal Hill tilting my cap at lovely Baltimore ladies wishing them, “Happy September 22nd.”


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