Is This Baltimore?

A blemish on a beautiful city

A blemish on a beautiful city

The bandwagon carpetbagger Red Sox fans have finally played their last series in Baltimore and have headed home for the winter. In all likelihood home does not mean Boston but some other town along the bandwagon’s route.  I am personally a little tired of talking about them, but there was one egregious example of disloyalty by the Benedict Arnold Baltimore Spirit Cruises that I must mention. On my walk through the Inner Harbor I saw a scene that would make Chuck Thompson announce “Ain’t the beer so hot that it makes you want to vomit.” The traitors over at Baltimore Spirit Cruises put signs on their boats that read “Baltimore Spirit Cruises Welcomes Red Sox Fans!” Beneath this was the Red Sox logo with those two stupid little sox that seems to be so trendy within Bandwagon Nation right now. I do not see how this sign was in the true “spirit” of Baltimore. I understand that Red Sox fans coming to the city are good for businesses that are already struggling through the poor economy. This was made clear by the 100 Red Sox fans waiting in line pay $9 to ride the Water Taxi. However I think Baltimore Spirit Cruises could have put a sign up that said they welcomed baseball fans in general. There were Orioles fans walking around the harbor as well and they may have been turned away by such a despicable act of treachery.

Unfortunately this was not even this worst part about the whole scene. As a stream of Red Sox fans filed on to boat the speakers were blaring “Sweet Caroline.” For those of you, who don’t know the Red Sox play this once good, now ruined song every game at Fenway in the 8th inning. Whenever this song comes on at a bar inevitably the Red Sox fans in the place will scream it at the top of their lungs and then yell about the Red Sox for the next couple songs. It can ruin any Baltimoreans night. I am sure the Red Sox “fans” boarding the boat were chuckling to themselves about how Baltimore was “Fenway South.” What a disgrace by Baltimore Spirit Cruises. If Natty Boh is served on that boat I hope that privilege is quickly revoked. I am not too concerned though as I assume their beer selection is made up of Sam Adams Summer Ale, Miller Chill, and Heineken.

Rarely in my life have I felt so embarrassed by my city. It almost made me want to jump in the harbor right there in front of the boat. I hope Baltimore Spirit Cruises is ashamed of their performance and will take the winter to rethink their marketing strategy.


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