City Recycling Plan Beats Expectations

When the City moved to once-a-week pickups for trash and recycling in July, officials believed there would be a 40% increase in recyclables after 12 months of the new schedule.  These expectations have been soundly beaten, as a 53% increase in recyclables has been seen in just two months since the new schedule took effect.  Many were concerned, when this plan was put in place, that trash pickup only once a week would not suffice, but there has been only mild backlash to the new system and, clearly, the results are showing through.  City residents have responded strongly to the new pickup policy, producing improvements many feared would hardly be seen over time.  With both trash and recycling now being picked up one time each per week, many in the city have had to make more of an effort to separate out their recyclables as not to see trash pile up.  What some detractors thought was a too-simple plan has been executed successfully as just that – a simple solution to increase recycling in the city and to take a solid step toward being a more environmentally friendly city.


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