Purple Sunday

purple patioThe first Purple Sunday of the year was a brilliant celebration of Baltimore as a great sports town.  Now if you log on to ESPN.com they will tell you how Boston is the best sports town in the world.  In fact, if you want to feel sick, go check out the article right now.  Some moron named Bryant who ESPN pays to shove more Boston sports down our throats actually wrote an article that not only declared Boston fans as the best in the world, but for seemingly no reason at all called out Baltimore as a poor sports town.  Anyone who was walking the streets of Federal Hill or through the Ravens parking lots on Sunday knows that to be false.

Sunday was a beautiful, sunny, purple Baltimore day.  It was not long after the Sun was delivered that the first purple jerseys began to appear.  (Technically jerseys had already been out at the bars in the very early morning, but we will not count that.)  Lewis, Heap, Suggs, Reed and Flacco were everywhere.  There was some Ngata and Mason sprinkled in.  There was even the occasional idiot sporting a Grbac jersey.  I will forgive them this time because the first Purple Sunday was so marvelous.  However, for those idiots who still rock a Grbac or a Jamal Lewis please see my cohort Hamsterdam’s previous post to see just why you are an idiot.

By 9 o’clock everywhere you walked in Federal Hill was a sea of purple.  The scalpers were out trying to convince some drunken Ravens fans to pay exorbitant prices to sit behind the Marching Ravens.  (The scalpers must be thrilled that football season is back so they no longer have to peddle Orioles tickets when tickets at the box office rarely go into the double digits.)  The first stop on my journey to the stadium was Cross Street Market.  What a seen Nick’s was!  Trying to move through all that purple was near impossible.  I experienced what it must be like for opposing running backs to try and find any sort of day light in the Ravens D.  Everyone in the joint had a Natty Boh in his or her hand.  Oh boy, what a beer!  And if they didn’t they had one of those giant five-dollar beers that they sell there.  Those things are such a great deal that I can let it slide that they were not drinking Boh.  Many were also enjoying streamed shrimp or slurping down oysters.

Next I made my way towards the parking lots.  There was a river of purple headed that direction.  The parking lots, as usual, were a mob scene.  Purple as far as the eye could see.  Purple busses, grills with crab cakes on them, big screen TVs with the idiots from ESPN blathering on about how great Hines Ward is at down-field blocking.  Fellow Baltimoreans, it was truly a day to be proud of your city.  Anyone who witnessed this scene could not say that Baltimore is not a great sports town.

As we all know the Ravens survived a surprisingly good effort from the Chiefs to get the win, but the party was far from over.  The rivers of purple reversed direction and headed back to Federal Hill.  The bars were packed, none more so than Mother’s where capacity had been reached.  The Purple Patio was even more crowded than Nick’s in Cross Street Market.  Everyone was dancing in celebration of great start to the season.  As the sun set on this glorious Purple Sunday the crowd hoisted their Natty Boh’s towards the Heavens in honor of Lord Baltimore and asked him to give us many more Purple Sundays just like this one in the land of pleasant living.


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