Maryland Protects the Environment Better than Massachusetts

offshorewindfarmMaryland is preparing to award a contract to install windmills along its 31 mile-long Atlantic coast line.  These windmills will generate a source of renewable energy and help Maryland meet her goal of using 20% renewable energy by 2020.  The windmills will be located 12 miles out to sea from Ocean City.  If you stand on the boardwalk and look east they will look like toothpicks on the horizon.  Complaining about these windmills because they ruin the view from Ocean City is not legitimate.  We all love Ocean City, but come on now, it is not the most beautiful place in the world.  But more importantly if we are going to allow Candy Kitchen building 1,054th store in Ocean City something is going to have to power that taffy machine.  Little pinpoints on the horizon is meaningless when you factor in all the good that these windmills will do.  There is the possibility of the windmills affecting the aquatic ecosystem or the flight paths of birds, but windmill technology has been improved to diminish that effect.  These are small prices to pay in the name of creating a renewable energy source that powers Maryland and reduces emissions.  Personally, I think they windmills look pretty cool and they will invoke state pride.

Now comes the part where I get to take a shot at those people up in Massachusetts on Cape Cod.  They have fought long and hard to prevent such windmills from being built off of their coast.  These people act all progressive and eco-friendly until something “ugly” but beneficial to the environment will be built in their back yard.  Massachusetts, it’s time to catch up with the rest of the country.  You guys along with those high emission travel advocates over at the Baltimore Red Line Underground are really holding everybody up.  Let’s hope the procurement process gets done quickly so we can start erecting these windmills and powering Maryland cleanly.  Next post we will tackle recycling our Natty Boh cans.  Until then, keep those turbines turning in the land of green living.


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