New NFL Power Rankings

In its most recent NFL power rankings, ESPN yet again displayed its enormous bias towards New York and Boston teams.

The Jets won their opener against Houston, causing ESPN analysts to move them up to the number 16 spot from 23, with the following explanation:

“Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez are two of the most exciting additions to the AFC. (Clayton)”

Note to John Clayton, ESPN’s supposed NFL expert: Rex Ryan was already in the AFC. He was a defensive coordinator for a team from Baltimore called the Ravens.

Now on to Boston and the Patriots. Yesterday ESPN opened up a new site especially for Boston fans, or, I should say, fans of Boston, as most of the city’s fans are not actually Bostonians, much less even from Massachusetts.In his opening column for the site entitled “Rabid Boston Fans,” Howard Byant relates a story about how he had 4 tickets to the 2004 game 4 ALCS game against the Yankees that he was trying to GIVE AWAY. Not only that, but he couldn’t find anyone who wanted them.  Somehow this proves to him that Boston is a great sports town, because after the team wins, all of a sudden people give a shit. Later on, Bryant notes Boston’s history with sports and writes, “The Baltimore Orioles play in Baltimore but do not reflect in any way the historical characteristics of the city.” I don’t care how great Bryant thinks Red Sox fans are compared to Orioles fans, but I’m pretty sure if I had 4 tickets to see the Orioles in the ALCS, I’d actually go to the game.

Now today, with the new power rankings, the Patriots, after barely beating the Buffalo Bills last night, retained their #2 ranking overall.

I won’t deny that the Patriots looked good at the end, but staying at #2 after getting amazingly lucky and just barely beating a mediocre team is just ludicrous. Adding insult to injury, ESPN didn’t even move the bills up, keeping them at #21. I commiserate with Bills fans who have long bemoaned the special treatment the Patriots seem to get from ESPN, best illustrated in this brilliant radio skit:

In other news, the Ravens remained at #10, a spot behind the 0-1 Titans.


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