Breaking News: Steelers fans wave small yellow towels to convey enthusiasm

Pittsburgh safety Troy Polamalu

Pittsburgh safety Troy Polamalu

So, the Steelers won last night, disappointing Ravens and Titans fans alike who shared but one simple wish: to see Lendale White use a “terrible towel” to wipe his butt.

The performance by both teams was mediocre. Tennessee’s kicking is obviously a problem, since it cost them the game, and Nate Washington did not look like the answer as a deep threat at Wide Receiver.

here’s a recap of Pittsburgh’s performance, accompanied by Chris Collinsworth’s reactions:

  • Pittsburgh’s line looked weak–just how Roethlisberger likes it so that he is forced to spend 10 plus seconds scrambling in the backfield before actually doing anything. Collinsworth was riveted. A key to the Ravens vs. Steelers matchup will be wrapping up Roethlisberger (if not giving him a career-ending injury) and not letting him slip away and get second chances.
  • Troy Polamalu had one great interception, amidst the 3 most costly penalties a player can get–pass interference, illegal hit out of bounds, and personal foul for facemask–so of course he is the greatest safety of all time according to Collinsworth.
  • James Harrison did nothing but get blocked constantly, so of course he is one of the greatest undrafted players ever, second perhaps to
  • “fast” Willie Parker, who utilized his amazing speed to gain a whopping 1.5 yards per carry. Again, Pittsburgh’s line sucked.
  • Heinz Ward nearly fumbled away the game, right after Collinsworth called him the “greatest blocking wide receiver ever.” Calling Heinz Ward the greatest blocking receiver ever is like praising Carmello Anthony and Jermaine O’Neil for being  “tough” basketball players. Thanks, but I’ll take a receiver who blocks while the play is actually developing over one that cheap shots unsuspecting defenders once the play is already long over and everyone is jogging towards the end zone.
  • Mike Tomlin clapped a couple of times and at one point was replaced by Omar Epps without anyone noticing. great coach.
  • Speaking of players resembling movie stars, who would play Polamalu in a movie about the Steelers? I’m thinking Michelle Rodriguez, since she is known as being a tough gal and a rule-breaker
  • All the credit in the world should go to Dick Lebaeu, who has taken a bunch of system players (safeties who can’t cover, linebackers who can’t cover, cornerbacks who can’t cover etc.) and turned them into superstars with his blitz schemes.

unfortunately, Troy Polamalu is likely not injured badly enough for him to miss the Ravens game (one day we will get a wide receiver with speed to torch him), but Ravens fans have reason to be encouraged. The Steelers played a mediocre game, made some key mistakes, and won a game they should have lost. In the weeks leading up to the Steelers vs. Ravens game, Bohs and O’s will continue providing coverage of this heated matchup.


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