Carson’s Creekside Restuarant & Lounge

carsonThere are several great dining spots on the water in Essex.  If you have not had a chance to make it to any of them I highly recommend that you do.  Some of my favorites are Riverwatch, The Duck Cafe, and Dock on the Bay.  On Labor Day I headed over to Riverwatch, but was instead turned on to what might be the best of the bunch,  Carson’s Creekside Restaurant & Lounge.

Carson’s Creekside is tucked into a small inlet in Essex on, what I must assume is, Carson’s Creek.  It is a very quiet and tranquil location which can often be hard to come by on the water in Essex.  The occasional Jet Ski interrupted the peace, but for the most part the only noise was the ducks demanding bread from the lunch guests.  We sat on a nice covered deck which was attached to a dock in case you wanted to arrive by boat.  There was also an indoor dining area, but I would recommend trying to go in the summer because the deck really makes the dining experience enjoyable.

Now, the part that you have all been holding your breath for…  I order a Natty Boh.  I was nervous when the waitress responded, “I’m not sure if we have that.”  I really wanted to like this place and I hoped they would not ruin it by forcing me to get a Coors Light.  The waitress went back to the bar and checked and when she returned she completely redeemed herself.  Not only did she return with an ice cold Boh, but she had even saved the cap so I could figure out the puzzle!  Bravo!

As for the food, I had a great cup of Maryland crab and crab cake chocked full of lump crab meat.  My lunch mate ordered chicken penne pasta which was good as well, proving that land lovers can enjoy themselves as well.  Carson’s Creekside would be a great place to try on the next lazy Baltimore afternoon.


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