Berkley Beatdown

terps calSaturday night’s Terps game was tough to watch.  It was almost as bad as the beating the Terps received from WVU back in 2006.  I thought for sure the Terps would at least beat the spread of 21 points, but that was over about a minute into the second quarter.

As bad as it was, I don’t think Terps fans should panic yet.  Cal looked very good and I think they could contend with USC for the Pac-10 title.  It was hard to watch all those surprisingly football fanatic hippies cheering as the Bears scored at will, but things will get better this season.  Our next two games are against James Madison and Middle Tennessee St.  Hopefully the team can use those two games to regroup.  We can not overlook either team though.  Duke and UVA both already lost to 1-AA teams and Middle Tennessee St. has given the Terps trouble in the past.  Still, it should give the defense an opportunity to regain some confidence.

The ACC overall did not look good going 4-6 on the weekend including the aforementioned two losses to 1-AA teams.  This might give a young Terps teams a chance to compete in the conference and hopefully get back to a bowl game.  Chris Tuner (who wore a purple Lakers graduation cap to his highschool graduation as seen in Terrapins Rising) did not look terrible and can hopefully bounce back.  I plan on tailgating at Byrd Stadium for a couple meaningful games in November.


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