Baltimoreans Outside the Nest

Last week I ventured outside of the Nest and headed down to Key West.  I highly recommend a trip there.  There is a great bar scene, many watersports opportunities and seafood that even us Baltimoreans can appreciate.  Old Bay often popped up on the menu.  I also saw many Maryland Crab Cakes, but like any self-respecting Baltimorean I steered clear.  But enough about Key West, let’s get to the real point of the post.

I wear my O’s hat and Ravens Croakies wherever I go and Key West was no exception.  Throughout the trip I was approached by other Baltimoreans.  I would hear, “Hey, are you from Baltimore?  I live in Canton,”  or “Nice O’s hat.  I’m from Arbutus.”  This would always lead to a pleasant conversation about Baltimore or the Ravens chances this year.

I was unfortunately traveling with a couple Red Sox fans (though they were very nice and we got along great) and I carefully observed their interaction with fellow Red Sox fans.  People who approached them would say things like, “Go Sox, I’m for Northern Virginia,” or “I’m part of the nation too!  I’m from Maine.”

It really gave me the feeling that Baltimore is truly a big city with a small town feel.  I am so glad I am not part of a fan base that calls itself a “nation” as they do in Boston and are starting to do in Pittsburgh.  All “nation” means is that there is a large bandwagon following across the country.  I enjoy knowing that almost all Ravens and O’s fans are from Maryland and I enjoy being part of such a tight-knit community even if we do have a severe inferiority complex.


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