Tubing the Gunpowder

As summer is, too quickly, coming to an end there are only a few more chances to enjoy one of Baltimore’s great summer traditions: tubing the Gunpowder River.  Running alongside the North Central Railroad Trail, the Gunpowder is a perfect spot for Baltimoreans to enjoy a classic mid-90’s and humid summer day.  Just grab a rubber-tire tube, some Natty Boh, a few tennis balls and you’ve got the makings of a very sickie afternoon.

The favorite route of this blog begins at a drop-in point off Blue Mount Road.  Just hop in, sit down, relax and two hours later you arrive under the bridge at Monkton Road.  You can extend your trip, of course, with a lengthy stay at “Party Rock,” an exceptional spot for dunkaroos and looking down on those that go past as they are clearly not as Baltimore as you are.  This route does require two cars, one at each end, so if you’re in a smaller group feel free to park in the Monkton parking lot and walk the trail for 15-20 mintes and then put in.

CAUTION: Do not rent the tubes from the Monkton rental shop.  A great scam, to say the least; a rental tube costs $23, far more than one can buy a more comfortable tube from Wal Mart with a back rest and cup holders for your Bohs.


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