Lunatics Invade Towson

towsonLunatics, fueled by the fires of Glenn Beck’s hatred and fear mongering, came to Towson University and shocked everyone when they made the many raucous students  that attend the school look mature and relaxed.  As one Towson resident put it, “These wackos almost make me miss the rebel teenagers that used to make their ‘music’ on the sidewalk of Chesapeake [Avenue] and call me a conformist.”  Another woman echoed these sentiments, “These right-wingers who have so long enjoyed calling those on the left ‘fringe extremists’ are now less mainstream than kids who go to the Recher to see their favorite band, Sasquatch Genocide, perform.”

Readers, it was an ugly, ugly scene in front of The Art Center at Towson University.  The anti-health care reform protesters that attended this town hall meeting hosted by Senator Ben Cardin have no grip on reality.  They have decided to read Sarah Palin’s Facebook page instead of actually reading the proposed legislation.  Many seemed to be under the impression that Obama was going to pick the day they died or that they would have to take their parents in front of Obama led “death panels” which would decide whether or not it was cost-effective for their parents to continue living.  One does not have to be an expert on health care legislation to know that these claims are false and that those making them are insane.  Unfortunately the protesters are stupid enough to believe anything that comes out of Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity’s mouths and have thus abandoned reason a long time ago.  One extra-insane protester, who currently is on Medicare (a government funded health care program), told me, “You’re young so you don’t gotta worry yet ’bout the gov’ment pickin’ your death date.”  I tried to reason with her but she was intent on the fact that “No Kenyan ain’t gonna tell me when I die!”

What is truely scary, besides the policy at Sheppard Pratt that allowed their patients to go on a field trip to the Towson University Arts Center, is the current health care system in which 48 million are uninsured and many more go bankrupt each week trying to pay for sky-rocketing health care costs.  The system clearly needs to be fixed.  I am not sure what the absolute best way to do that is, but I do know we will not figure it out by shouting down a United States Senator when he attempts hold a dialogue.


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