The Hill in Federal Hill

The newest restaurant in Federal Hill, aptly named The Hill, is a quality addition to the neighborhood’s restaurant scene.  I had heard bad reviews of the establishment, but I must disagree.  The ambiance was laid back and quiet compared to other bar/restaurants in Federal Hill that can many times be too crowded and loud to enjoy your company.  The restaurant is divided in two.  One side consists of a long, well stocked bar.  The beer selection offers several local brews, as well as Natty Boh, essential for any Baltimore restaurant goer.  The bar also had several large flat screen TVs playing the Orioles game.  The side of the restaurant geared toward dining presents a menu with a selection of old favorites with a unique twist.  I had a hearty portion of superbly spiced Cajun Chicken Alfredo pasta.  My table mates enjoyed two well-sized sandwiches, one steak, the other tuna.  Though not blown away by The Hill, it was a fine, reasonably priced casual dining experience ($8-$15).  The otherwise enjoyable evening was marred by one disturbing incident.  A man, who I believe to be the owner, had to ask me the date and opponent of the first Ravens’ preseason game.  But if you can look past this major gaffe, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by your meal.

I would also like to give a quick update to the Baltimore Grand Prix.  The IRL has approved the proposal submitted by Baltimore Racing Development LLC.  This means that the only remaining hurtle is approval from the Mayor’s office and the City Council.  The likelihood of such an approval currently looks strong.


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