The Brim Reaper Will Be Missed

Readers, I would like to thank you again for all the praise for my last post.  I truly appreciate you support and am honored to have touched the lives of so many.  Now onto the real topic…

sherrillYesterday at around 4pm George Sherrill was traded to the LA Dodgers for prospects Josh Bell and Steve Johnson.  While I am in full support of the trade, I am still sad to see George go.  Whether you lovingly referred to him as the Brim Reaper or Flat Breezy, we all put our brims up when he came running in from the bullpen.  He was probably the only person I will ever meet who could look cool in a flat brim.  The rest of you look stupid.

Now George and I had a love-hate relationship.  We did not quite see eye to eye on the best way to save a game.  Call me a traditionalist, but I like the type of save where 3 batters come up and three batters sit down.  George, on the other hand, was more of a radical.  He liked the type of save where you allow the opposing team to come within one run of the Orioles and then walk the bases loaded with no outs and then go to a full count before striking out the side.  I actually watched the game against the Cubs where he did exactly this.  I am not just taking it from that stupid, stupid MASN commercial.  Despite our differences, I must say that George usually got out of the jams he created and after it was all over everyone could share a good laugh.  But for those 15 minutes, or however interminably long the 9th inning lasted, I hated the man.  Most of the time we would make up after the game at least until he went back to the mound 24 hours later.

George, I wish you the best of luck in LA.  I am sure they will love you there as well and after your first couple outings you will have everyone in the stands wearing the flat breezy.  I’m glad to you will be on a contending team and have a chance to pitch in the playoffs.  Maybe you will meet Miggy in the NLCS and us O’s fans can live vicariously trough the two of you.  It will almost be like the O’s are in the playoffs…  I hope you remember Baltimore fondly and maybe someday you will be sporting a flat orange breezy once again.


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