Baltimore Grand Prix

HondaGrandPrix-IndyCar-StPeteFor those of our loyal readers who are unaware, IndyCar has made a proposal to the city to bring a road race to Baltimore in the summer/fall of 2011.  My question to Mayor Sheila Dixon is, “why not?”  Yes traffic would suffer and it would create a little noise pollution, but come on…  Did any of us really move to Baltimore for its open country roads or to hear the crickets at night?  Oh, and the other concern is safety.  The chances of getting killed by a stray bullet in a gunfight are much higher than a car losing control and flying into the stands.  Long Beach, CA and St. Petersburg, FL also host similar races in the U.S. and if they can solve all of these problems then I am sure Baltimore can as well.

We know that this event will bring a lot of money to the city.  The Sun is reporting that it will bring more than Preakness over the four event.  The estimate is $100 million in tickets, shopping, dining, and hotel stays.  Now, this is all well and good for Baltimore.  But what is really intriguing about this race is how fucking sick it will be.  Imagine Indycars ripping down Light Street at 200mph and swinging around a U-turn in front of the Science Center.  Imagine watching pit crews change a tire in the shade of Camden Yards.  So many times have I been playing racing videogames on XBOX or at the arcade and wished I could select Baltimore as a track.  Now I probably will be able to do that, but even more exciting is that the race will actually come to life on our streets.  Some lucky fans will even get to ride the course on go-karts.  I for one will put up with a little extra Friday traffic if it means I can sit up in the stands in the hot Baltimore sun with a Cooler-Pack of Coors Light and watch these machines zip around town at jaw-dropping speeds.  And one other thing to those concerned about traffic.  As part of the deal the city will have to repair all of the potholes on the track making your ride to work much smoother.  Mayor Dixon, I don’t care how many more indictments it costs you, please make the Baltimore Grand Prix a reality!


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