Fenway Park Sucks

fparkThere is really no other way to put it,  Fenway Park Sucks.  It is a miserable place for, not only Orioles fans, but any baseball fan.  Don’t listen to blather that you hear on ESPN about the amazing tradition and history of the park.  All of that is overshadowed by how much this decrepit sandlot sucks.  Some might say we are spoiled in Baltimore because we have had the best park in baseball for almost two decades now, but I have been to stadiums across the country and none are even on the same level of suck that Fenway Park is on.  I would rather watch the Nationals lose all 81 games at RFK than endure 1 inning at Fenway Park.

First, lets talk about the  field of play.  It sucks.  A shallow fly ball to left is a double and a shallow fly ball to right is a homerun.  This inevitably leads to the crowd  going crazy at every pop up because there is a very good chance it will be a hit.  I feel sorry for the visiting teams that are subjected to such horrible playing conditions.

Now lets cover the stands.  They suck.  A majority of “fans” have part of their view obstructed by pillars.  They Red Sox know this too, as they put tiny TVs above the pillars so in case any eagles are amongst the crowd they might be able to make out the picture on these TVs and know what is happening on the field.  Humans, I’m afraid, are out of luck.  Standing room is a nightmare.  You are quarantined in tiny areas against the wall by tape on the ground.  If you step from out of the tape you are immediately scolded by biased ushers.  It is impossible to see past the overhang so when a flyball is hit you have to watch the fielders in order to tell where the ball is traveling.  The amenities inside the stadium are atrocious and walking to get to them is even worse.  The concourse is extremely thin and crowded and you are constantly bumping into people.  By the time you have gotten back to your seat at least $4 of beer has spilled.

The bars outside the stadium are decent.  But for the sake of the flow of this post, they suck.  Yes that’s right folks, everything about Fenway Park sucks.  ESPN, who I am sure is avidly following this blog and its 4 posts, will be shocked and appalled to hear this, but the truth must be told.  Lets preach it from every pulpit and sing it from every mountaintop across this great land.  Fenway Park sucks!  Do not pay the exorbitant prices that a seat in Fenway Park commands. It is a waste of money and your time there will suck.  Baltimoreans be thankful and go put your feet up on the empty row in front of you at beautiful Camden Yards instead.


2 responses to “Fenway Park Sucks

  1. I actually had no clue that the orioles even fielded second and third basemen because all I could see was a green metal post. Fenway Park is more of a dingy old novelty than a place to actually take in and enjoy a baseball game.

  2. fenway is a dump even with its upgrades , it does not play baseball, boston is the best sports city it should have a great stadium. most parks in the minors are better, it will be 100 years old in 2012 that should the day they say fenway will be replaced . i really can not find one thing good about the dump, i knew when it was sold to this group it would be a mess, how can they not want a new stadium by now?

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