Don’t Blame Me…

I can not think of a better piece of evidence that someone is ignorant and bitter than a bumper sticker that begins, “Don’t blame me…I voted for ____.” After O’Malley was elected Governor in 2006, these bumper stickers sprung up basically the next day for Ehrlich apologists in Maryland. As much as I appreciate pro-Ehrlich voters acknowledging that they may (rightfully) be viewed as responsible for the terrible state of Maryland’s economy, crime, public transportation, etc. since their candidate did nothing to alleviate these problems, a bumper sticker pasted on the back of one’s car two days after the election does not absolve that person of blame.

I do blame you.

Actually, I do blame you.

For the bumper sticker to even begin to make sense, the driver would have to wait 5+ years before putting it on. Here are some examples of bumper stickers that would be acceptable now:

Don’t blame me…I voted for Gore

Don’t blame me…I thought Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa’s heads looked abnormally large in 1998

Don’t blame me…I voted for someone other than Hitler

As you can see, all these hypothetical bumper stickers relate to events that are further in the past and crystal clear which side was right and wrong.

So, to all those with the Ehrlich bumper stickers and also the new McCain ones (don’t even get me started on how embarassing it would have been when Sarah Palin decided to quit mid-vice presidency– for the sake of the troops and family and salmon) please remove them until O’Malley proves to be even close to as incompetent as Ehrlich. For the rest of us, we won’t rush to judgment and are hopeful that Maryland will continue to improve under O’Malley’s leadership.


One response to “Don’t Blame Me…

  1. Don’t blame me…I voted for someone other than Hitler.


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