Peter’s Inn in Fells Point

Last night, on a recommendation from a friend, I decided to try out Peter’s Inn and I am very glad I did.  Peter’s Inn is located in Fells Point on the corner of Eastern and Ann.  In the winter you could easily drive by without even noticing.  In the summer, however, there are several tables outside that give it away.  Stepping inside the narrow door of Peter’s Inn gives off the distinct feeling of a dive bar similar to many other dive bars found scattered throughout Baltimore neighborhoods.  The bar is narrow with tables lining one wall.  Walking through the bar leads to a back dining area consisting of four tables squeezed in between bookshelves and a radiator.  The bar has old-west looking wood walls and is decorated with assorted photographs that do seem to have any specific theme.  It is not until one looks at the menu that one realizes that Peter’s Inn might be more than just a dive. Instead of the expected pub food, there is a handwritten menu that with selections such as fillet mignon, lamb chops, seared scallops, and red snapper.  It was accompanied by an extensive wine list and the waiter was able to tell me which wine would go best with my meal.  I now realized that I was in for quite a treat.

As I sat there enjoying my healthy glass of wine, I grew hungrier and hungrier as dishes passed by, just out of my reach, on their where to other tables and other mouths.  Finally my turn came and the wait was worth it.  I ordered the scallops.  They were glazed in a buttery sauce and sprinkled with Bacon.  They were accompanied with sting beans and a potato puree.  It was the perfect amount of food.  I felt very satisfied as I was putting the last bacon sprinkles into my mouth.  My guest ordered the lamb chops and they were done to a turn.  The food was a tad expensive ($20-25 for an entree) but it was very much worthwhile.  You would probably pay more for such high quality food at other restaurants around town, and you would not be able to enjoy such a relaxed atmosphere.  I also got a nice feeling of seclusion from the rest of the city when I was in the back dining area.  It would make for a romantic yet casual date while still being able to impress.  I will be back soon as I am told the menu changes every day.  I can’t wait to see what’s next.


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